RGM Venture Capital

Yields Investments

Investments with yields

Both in RGM and in any other type of investment fund, you can guarantee 100% the possibility of obtaining returns, since the instruments in which they are invested are listed on the markets daily. The only instruments that “guarantee” an annual return are mainly government debt such as CETES, but with these types of instruments, generally only minimal gains are obtained that perhaps reach 3% of return on investment.

Notwithstanding the foregoing,  we pride ourselves on having a good record of providing services , which in most cases have represented a considerable return on investment for our clients.
On average, we have delivered 20% annual return on investment to our moderate risk clients, and in cases of entrepreneurial risk investments, we have delivered up to 60% annual return.

Performance comparison.

With RGM our investors obtain higher profits than they could get in other investment promoters, statistically higher than the market average. This is illustrated in the graph above, which compares the profits made by RGM clients with those made by investors from other developers around the world.

This can be your capital.

With RGM you have a great chance of obtaining benefits regardless of the type of plan with which you invest. On average, our clients who participate in our moderate risk plans have obtained a 20% annual return on interest during the last 5 years that we have been in operation.

Keys to invest

Risk never goes away.

The greater the diversification, the less risk. The higher the risk, the more return.

Risk tolerance depends on each investor.

Professional advice leads to smart risk-taking.